Massage at Foot Reflexology



For those who fail to show up for appointments two times without notifying us to cancel in advance, their VIP membership will be automatically suspended until VIP membership restore fee is collected.

For clients who have made online appointments, we will call or text messages and need your confirmation. Please reply to us in time in order to keep your online appointments.

If your appointment is within hours, please call us: 615-624-8024.

Tuesdays are now open for NEW SESSIONS only. NEW SESSIONS: (1) Allergies Relief, including seasonal, rhinitis, hay fever, any kind of food allergies, animal, chemical, environmental allergies and etc. (2) Detoxing the body and full-body systems balances to boost the body and the body will treat different discomfort/pains/cases by its own. Drug free, no side effect.
* : (at least hours before your appointment.)
  1. The online reservation takes time to process. Please make your reservation at least hours before your appointment.
  2. If the system decline your reservation, it means the time has been occupied by others. Please choose another time.
  3. After the system accept your reservation, we will contact with you to confirm your appointment.